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Our services

  • Floating Desk Membership

    An open and fully flexible working option. This is inclusive of all facilities including meeting rooms, phone booths, fully-stocked kitchens and much more.

  • Fixed Desk Membership

    Complete with personal storage, your Fixed Desk membership represents a familiar space that you can call your own. You will have the choice of 2 private meeting rooms at arms reach.

  • Private Office Membership

    Privacy you and your team require. Private Office for 5 or 6 members enjoy free access to 2 meeting rooms.

  • Online member network

    Easily connect with other members of our community of likeminded sustainability innovators. We would love to introduce you to potential partners, helping you to co-solve challenges you may have.

  • Meeting rooms

    All of your AV requirements are also taken care of with video conferencing technology, conference call facilities, TV's and whiteboards all available. Each room has individual air conditioning.

  • Weekly events

    From inspirational workshops to round-tables where you are able to discover brand new methods. Guest speakers can bring a fresh perspective and our wellness activities can kick start your day.